The RGU Group

The RGU Group is a boutique importer and wholesale supplier of premier souvenir goods. We’re confident that no one does destination name-dropped plush and children’s apparel quite like us! From our Zoovenir line of 40+ whimsical animals to our playful array of uniquely patterned Totally Teddies, all of our plush is lovingly designed in-house. We also produce Itty Bit Tees, our line of customizable toddler-sized raglans, as well as several other innovative brands like Symbolz® and Souvies®, our classic embroidered city/state concepts.


Keepin’ it super simple!

Our products can be considered to be so versatile that the options are unlimited. Rather than bog you in details that make things difficult and time consuming, we’ve simplified things to make it easier and quicker to get you the products you want and need. What have we simplified?

  • Order minimums that allow you more flexibility to mix and match different items than ever before. Provide more options to your customers without buying a truckload!

  • Two wholesale price points. How many price points do other vendors need you to remember?

  • We dress the customizable items so you do not need to. When you receive your product from us, open the box, admire the beauty, and put it on the shelf to sell.

Innovative Sales initiatives and programs

Where to start? Well, aside from the great things mentioned above:

  • We cap your freight costs so you know the max amount you will ever pay for freight.

  • We guarantee shipping your order within five business days or the freight is on us.

  • A Customer Loyalty program that benefits you just for being an RGU customer. No annual sales goals required.

  • A Factory Direct program that gives you a deep discount for larger commitments.

  • An additional volume discount for customers who qualify.

And more!

If those didn’t do it for you, we hope these wet your whistle:

  • Innovative designs and exclusive materials.

  • Narrow and deep product assortment.

  • Excellent cost vs. retail proposition.

  • Whether you’re looking for city/state/destination namedropped souvenirs, original product for fundraising, or even promotional plush for marketing your company, we’ve got you covered.

  • Have we mentioned the fastest lead times in the industry yet?